Loan Re-Arrangers

The Loan Re-Arrangers

Most visitors to this website are quite familiar with that dynamic duo, Batman and Robin, single handedly administering justice, and looking out for the little guy who doesn’t have the clout to protect himself from the greedy evil doers all by himself.
To go back in time, for a few decades, our parents, and, some of us (not many of us) remember another stalwart and beloved duo, the Lone Ranger and his sidekick, Tonto. These heroes graced our movie screens and, later on, our televisions screens, with their triumphs over Western bad guys.
In any event, in the fifties, and probably into the sixties, we had the Lone Ranger.

Then Came The Loan Arrangers

These characters put us into bad loans along with all kinds of promises, and, ultimately, left town. They now work for the mortgage companies as negotiators. They’re the friendly fellows that decline your loan modification request in a thirty second telephone call, after you’ve waited weeks, months and endless hours on hold, trying to get a straight answer out of them.
The rest of these scoundrels have gotten themselves jobs with the federal government, as bureaucrats, who make the decisions as to whether you keep your house or lose it, whether your payment goes up or down or stays the same. They’re part of the “Nanny” workforce.
The remaining few are enjoying the good life in Beliz or Antigua, except for the very few that went to jail. You need a hero, really bad. That’s where we come in.

We’re The Loan Re-Arrangers

We’re here to level the playing field. Bill O’Reilly and President Obama claim to be “looking out for you”, and hopefully they are, but we’re the ones that you can actually call up and come in and talk to. We’ll listen. And with few exceptions, we can help you with your loan.
Please note: If your home is in foreclosure, or up for trustee’s sale, we need to know that. We’ll show you how to monitor your pending sale date. Even though the foreclosure sale should be halted while loan modification negotiations are in progress, there are no guarantees. If the lender sells your house while you are negotiating, there isn’t anything you can do. Your house is gone. You can’t get it back and it’s doubtful that the lender’s loan modification negotiators are even aware that your house has been sold out from under you, much less will they care about your misfortune. So, beware. Because you house is vulnerable to being sold by the lender, you need to have a Plan B in place. So, what’s your Plan B going to be? It needs to be a bankruptcy, either Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13, depending on several factors. Ultimately, Chapter 13 is probably what you will need, but, you can’t wait until a couple of days before your foreclosure sale, to work out and implement your Plan B.
Right now, you need to make an appointment with a Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy practitioner. Most bankruptcy attorneys will give you a free consultation. You need to know:
  • Do you qualify to file a Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy?
  • Exactly how can you expect to benefit from a Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy?
  • What kind of fees and costs do you have to advance to the attorney in order to get your case filed?
  • What kind of fees and costs will you incur subsequent to filing your bankruptcy petition?
  • What are your duties and obligations in order for your bankruptcy to be timely filed, and ultimately successful, in addition to simply paying the attorney fees and costs?

As to the Loan Re-arrangers, do we have a sidekick, like Tonto?

Answer: We don’t really have a sidekick, like somebody that follows us around in our shadow. They are more like a secret weapon. They are the young ladies who staff our office, who might make Dirty Harry hesitate. With everything that’s coming down against you, in these difficult times, it might be good to have someone with their skills and their attitude on your side, as well as the attorney “looking out for you”.

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